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To say that the cake and miniature key lime pies Ana created for our gender reveal party were delicious would be an understatement! Not only were they a crowd pleaser, but the attention to detail on every dessert was amazing. Thanks again for making our gender reveal party so special and delicious!

Lyndsey Smith


Thank you Ana so very much for creating such a beautiful cake for my sister’s baby shower. The amount of thought and detail you put into it was amazing! The oreo buttercream was a hit! Looking forward to the next occasion :).

Jacqueline Wood


Amazing cakes and mini cakes! My favorite is the carrot cake, perfect combination of icing and cake and not too sweet. Complete decadence in every bite. Highly recommend for special occasion cakes or when you want to splurge and treat yourself to something extra special!

Candace Robichaud


I absolutely recommend Annie’s Cakes. Her cakes are not only beautiful but extremely rich and delicious. Her chocolate cake is addictive and so is her key lime pie. I will keep having Annie’s Cakes as my baker for all my parties.

Veronica Bohorquez

Party & Confetti

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Cookie Maker

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