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About Me

Born in Venezuela—home of some of the most renowned cacao in the world—my earliest memories have revolved around dessert, like making a chocolate mousse with my older sister when I was ten years old. This love of all things baking presented itself as a business opportunity, where my sister and I would sell desserts to the local vendors back home under the name Annie’s Cakes. About ten years ago I began a new life in Canada, where I met my husband, had our daughter and fur-son. I used to ply my trade as a Web graphic designer. Now a full time baker and cake decorator.

Graphic design is not all that different from baking—both jobs ask me to utilize creative approaches and my knowledge of colour theory and positioning, as well as my keen eye for detail, to create works of art. Just like in graphic design, I begin with a theme or concept and build from there. Colour combinations, balance, and contrast are all part of the equation. Decorative elements—big or small—all play a part in the way the finished product looks, and all must be carefully chosen and edited for the best results. Attention to detail is the key to great design, and my attention to detail is what sets me apart from the rest.

Since before I sold my first dessert in Venezuela (some 6,500 kilometres away), I’ve been infatuated with the best part of dinner—dessert! I’ve taken a variety of classes from buttercream piping techniques to working with fondant, I’ve watched countless tutorials and read countless books, I’ve worked with pastry chefs and industry veterans and, most importantly, I’ve spent an incredible amount of time in the kitchen practicing my craft. I’ve travelled the world, making sure to always save a bit of room for dessert (for research purposes of course). Baking is a passion for me, and the opportunity to share that passion with people as they celebrate all of life’s milestones keeps driving me to learn more and perfect my craft. Annie’s Cakes is my way of sharing that passion with you!

Do you have any questions? We’d love to hear from you and assist you in anything you required.