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Wedding Cakes

After planning our wedding a few years ago, I completely understand the effort and stress involved in wedding planning—which is why Annie’s Cakes aims to take that pressure of your shoulders. I also understand the importance of planning your big day, which is why do cake tasting well in advance of your event.

The perfect wedding cake, like the perfect wedding, requires great attention to detail. We work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re happy with the look and taste of your cake. This way, after spending all day celebrating your love with family and friends, running around and taking photos, eating and dancing, you can relax with a slice of the perfect cake.

Mini Cakes

Trying to practice minimalism? Well our mini cakes offer all the same great flavour, only in a smaller package—not to mention fewer calories! Our mini cakes are perfect for entertaining guests, giving as gifts, or for keeping all to yourself.

Key Lime Pie

A perfect balance of tart and sweet. The unmistakably bright and citrusy flavour of key lime combines with a sweet brȗléed meringue for our most popular shot.


The only thing richer than our cheesecake will be your social life, thanks to one of our top selling shots. Our beautifully textured crust offsets a decadent cream cheese filling combined with fresh fruit, compote, and a touch of whip cream.

Rum Vanilla Mousse

What, you thought we wouldn’t sneak a little something extra into one of our shots? Delicate vanilla and blueberry notes meet the unmistakable flavour of rum.

Custom Cakes

Here at Annie’s Cakes we believe there’s always more to learn, and what better way to learn than by collaborating? We are always excited at the opportunity to learn new things and combine new flavours, which is why we offer custom cakes. We welcome suggestions for flavours and decorations—but we also reserve the right to use our experience and judgement in order to ensure the best end product. So please, share your dreams with us and we will turn them into reality!

Sugar Flowers

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but would a cake by any other baker look as lovely? Our carefully handcrafted sugar flowers provide a classic touch (and a touch of sweetness) to your dessert that sets Annie’s Cakes apart from the rest.

Because it isn’t a celebration without shots! Take your party to the next level with decadent dessert shots that your guests are sure to love. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, corporate events—any kind of party really—our shots are an elegant looking, single-serving desserts that are easy to eat. Choose from one of our four flavours, or tell us about your favourite flavour combinations.

Cake Toppers

Here at Annie’s Cakes, we’re especially proud of our cake toppers—a 3D flavoured fondant decoration that turn your cake from something delicious to a work of art! Whether you’re looking for the logo of your favourite band, or maybe your favourite cartoon character, your custom themed cake will be the envy of all your friends (and social media, too). I’m a whiz with fondant, and can model just about anything—the only limit is your imagination!


Chocolate (GF available)
Vanilla (GF available)
Red Velvet (GF available)
Carrot (GF available)
Strawberry shortcake (GF available)

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate, nutella, cookies and cream, mocha.

Please note all these icings are gluten-free by nature minus the cookies and cream


Chocolate ganache
White chocolate ganache
Cream cheese filling
Fresh whipped cream
Fresh fruits
Raspberry curd
Strawberry curd
Lemon curd
Orange curd
Coconut curd
Oreo (GF available)
Salted caramel sauce

Please note all these fillings are gluten-free by nature minus the oreo clearly listed.


White chocolate
Salted caramel
Dulce de leche
Red Velvet (contains gluten and GF available)
Oreo (contains gluten and GF available)
Key lime

Please note all these macarons are gluten-free by nature minus the ones clearly listed.


Cheesecakes: Strawberry, Oreo, dulce de leche, white chocolate blueberry, passion fruit and raspberry chocolate (GF available)
Key lime pie (GF available)
Oreo cream – (Marquesa) (contains gluten, GF available)
Rum vanilla mousse (GF available)

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